The key to successful content marketing-this bird photographer gets it

I started following a guy-Simon d’Entremont- on YouTube recently, whose channel deals with photography and bird photography.

The quality of his videos is of such high quality that it did not surprise me to find that he has built a community of 155,000 YouTube subscribers in a relatively short period of time. If you check when he first uploaded a video to YouTube it was only one year ago.

He clearly put a great deal of thought and expertise into every video he uploaded and is reaping the benefit with a growing number of subscribers. I would safely say, too, that he is reaping the benefit commercially.

When I investigated what he was selling I found that he seems to make his money from selling his prints/photographs of birds. And such is the quality of his videos that the level of trust and confidence any potential buyer would have in him would make sales of his products an easy decision.

This is the key to content marketing. Demonstrating such expertise in your free, online content that you generate trust in the persons you seek to serve or who might be interested in doing business with you.