Instagram marketing-the different types of content required

I should reach 10,000 followers on Instagram this week. In fact, it might even happen today as I have 9,997 followers as I write this.

I did a little bit of research at the weekend to try to ascertain what type of content I should be sharing in Stories, Reels, Feed, IG video as the choice is endless, particularly when you have as much content as I have. My entire business is built on content marketing, to be frank, and I have an enormous store of blog posts and videos.

But what to share and when, especially on Instagram which gives you choices. Here is what I found.

Instagram Reels

Reels (short form vertical video) is for extending your reach and getting your stuff in front of new people, not your existing followers. Reels is for growth so if you want to grow you need to get serious about Reels.


Stories will not reach new persons to any great extent but will be shown to your existing followers. The strategy here is to use Stories to deepen the relationship with your existing followers, give them a greater insight into you and your life, and to be authentic and real.

Instagram feed

Instagram feed is for images, video and carousels and you are looking for shareable content and hoping your followers will share your posts with their followers and grow with the help of your followers. Content here may include a shareable image, insight, video, quotation, etc.

It should be shareable-that is, a follower would be happy to share it with their family, friends, followers.

IG Video

IG video is for more long form content such as tutorials or tips which can be shown in a longer form video. You may get new persons and your video may be served to your existing followers. IG video should be helpful or entertaining.

Given the profession I am in the content needs to be more helpful than entertaining.

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