Why I am uninstalling the TikTok app from my phone

I am going to uninstall the TikTok app from my phone.

Before I explain why let me tell you I will continue to upload content to TikTok and exploit it for the purposes of my business. I have written before about TikTok and the rapid growth in the number of fans/followers since I began uploading short form videos.

I have also got a couple of clients from TikTok, including a conveyance which is nice work. But I have been wasting too much time watching videos which, in the main, have the effect of putting me in bad form and wondering about the human condition.

The types of videos which have driven me to the decision to uninstall the app from my phone and mobile devices are

  • Traveller videos to other travellers threatening all sorts of violence and looking for fights with other members of their extended community
  • Vigilante type videos where individuals with mobile phones take the law into their own hands and post videos of their activities in bringing others, who they accuse of wrongdoing, to the attention of the public
  • Videos by criminals or their hangers on gloating at the death of young criminals in rival gangs within days of their deaths
  • Videos by women who make videos about nothing but featuring what they believe are their most appealing physical characteristics

There is a huge amount of interesting, funny stuff on TikTok. But it appears to be overwhelmed by the videos above.

And life is too short to be watching this sort of depressing crap, the sort of stuff that would make you see the worst in a fellow human.

I can take control of this part of my life in a world where my control over much of my life is tenuous or non-existent. And that is what I am going to do.

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