I made my 1st TikTok and the stats are amazing

I uploaded my first TikTok on Tuesday this week and the viewing figures are stunning.

Today, Friday, as I write this the short video I uploaded about getting the gift of a site and the tax considerations has had over 82,000 views. Take a look at the image below.

The speed with which I am obtaining followers/fans, viewers, comments and engagement is mind blowing. I estimate that by the end of the upcoming weekend I will have 7,000 fans/followers or thereabouts. Here is my profile on TikTok.

That is in one week! It took me years to get to that figure on Instagram.

It remains to be seen in the medium to long term how effective this growth will be in terms of generating genuine queries, leads and clients. But I am prepared to give it time and see how it pans out for these growth figures in 4 days are simply astounding.

Every social media platform has its own vibe, its own feel. And there is definitely a noticeable difference between the atmosphere on TikTok versus Instagram.

TikTok feels a little like the Wild West with a far greater willingness of commenters to vigorously disagree with you and express their point of view in a forthright fashion without much regard for respectful debate.

But the block button is a useful tool, and one I have had to engage a few times already. I am prepared to do that to reach the silent majority who have made positive comments and who have begun to follow me.

From the perspective of a small business owner it would be bordering on criminal not to avail of such a large audience with tremendous potential to build a big crowd of engaged followers quickly. So, for now I am all in and will continue to upload short video clips to grow my brand and reach.

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