The whingeing, whining, bellyaching minority

Without descending into particulars or naming names it has become glaringly obvious to me lately that in all walks of life, in every sphere of activity, regardless of the endeavour or the outcome or consequences, there is always a small number who will find fault. And who appear to thrive in a cocoon of negativity.

I truly hope I never occupy this group. If I do I know the game is up for me.

Certain individuals seem to find a great deal of comfort in pointing out the errors of others, no matter who the “other” is or what the issue or cause.

They seem to glory in a negative attitude and opposing anything that’s available or capable of being opposed.

The attitude is the diametric opposite of an open, willing, positive outlook and an approach to life in general and the specific difficulties that will inevitably arise.

Most of the time I simply ignore these people. But occasionally they get so noisy, tiresome, belligerent and tedious that it can be difficult not to react vigorously.

The best approach is to ignore them, I believe.

Let them travel through life wallowing in self pity and dragging their grievances behind them like clanking chains, looking for the next item on the agenda about which to effect outrage.

I choose to put my best foot forward and make the best of my circumstances, no matter how trying or difficult. I firmly believe it is the best choice.

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