Building a valuable online asset such as a YouTube channel

I receive a lot of requests from YouTube commenters to make videos about particular topics.

Some of the requests are so precise and specific that it is clear they want me to make a video which is of interest to them and their situation but will probably not have much wider interest. I don’t bother making such videos as it makes no sense from my perspective.

Here is an example of such a request:

terry love the videos on youtube and tiktok have learned a lot.Wondering if you could do a video on planning permission for building larger wall on a detached country home county wicklow thanks.

Occasionally I get a suggestion which will be of genuine benefit to me, my audience and my YouTube channel. Those suggestions I am happy to act on. As they will allow me to continue to build an online asset-a YouTube channel-that has genuine utility and will have enduring value.

This is how you build an asset online. You build something of utility, something that will be referred to time and again when a person is researching the topic covered.

YouTube notices this, Google notices this, and the video and channel will acquire more value with better search positions and Google serving up my videos to more and more YouTube visitors and Google searchers.

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