100,000 hours of viewing time on my YouTube channel

YouTube let me know this week that I had achieved the milestone of 100,000 hours of viewing time on my YouTube channel.

This gives me a great deal of satisfaction and I pay no heed to the fact that my channel is on the go for over 10 years now. Or the fact that I have hundreds, perhaps thousands, of videos on the channel as I write this in September 2022.

Because 100,000 hours of viewing time is a lot of time.

A lot of eyeballs on my content and what I have to say. A lot of real people with opinions, views, heartbeats, passions, and the occasional need for legal services.

YouTube have also advised me that I have acquired 531 new subscribers to my channel over the last 28 days. This is the highest rate of subscriber acquisition that I can ever recall for my channel.

A big factor in this has been my use of the YouTube Shorts format to make short (no longer than 1 minute) vertical videos.

Another factor is the occasional video I have made about a topical issue such as the Enoch Burke controversy over transgenderism, and the whole circus that has surrounded his committal to Mountjoy prison.

I am proud to say, too, that every video on my channel was made by me with a mobile phone or a small camera.

No fancy production, no video companies, no digital marketing advice, no external help.

Just me and my phone or camera and something to say or an observation or something that I have learned.

My ambition is to reach 20,000 subscribers and I can see that milestone coming into view now.

But I won’t take anything for granted. I will continue to chop wood, carry water-that is, do the work that matters.

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