I’d sooner be woke than fascist

I’d sooner be woke than fascist.

I am not sure what ‘woke’ means, or when it crept into the general vocabulary and lexicon.

But I have seen woke persons and views online, or at least persons who have been accused of being woke.

And for me it is a far more attractive position than being at the other end of the scale. The fascist end dominated by hatred of virtually any group in society that’s a little bit different.

Gay people, LGBT community, transgender, foreigners, the other, people not like us, black, brown, yellow people. All these groups appear to attract the ire, hatred, and volcanic bile of individuals that I describe as fascist or neo-fascist.

I’m with the woke crowd. A crowd of tolerance, recognition of difference, a welcoming of the other, even though you may not be like me.

I’m for the evolution of thinking and ideas, the advancement of a more open society willing to let others choose how they live their own lives, provided it is lawful.

I’m for adhering to and abiding by laws that are passed by our legislators, even though I may not agree with each and every one of them.

In fact, I may even vehemently disagree with the guiding principles and objectives of that legislation. But I accept the will of the people, the others in society who have influenced and set the course for this change.

I won’t agree with everything, won’t agree with all the so called woke views.

But, yes, I’d sooner be woke than fascist.

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