Comments on my Enoch Burke YouTube videos-some are appalling

5/9/22 Enoch Burke (C), being brought into the Four Courts by Gardaí, accompanied by his father, Sean Burke (L). PIC: Collins Courts

I am surprised, and appalled, at some of the comments I have read on my YouTube channel regarding the Enoch Burke affair and his committal to Mountjoy prison for contempt of court.

I have made a few videos about the situation as it is of general, societal, and legal interest.

Issues of religious belief, religious fundamentalism, transgenderism, employment law, breach of court orders, Mountjoy prison, constitutional rights, order in the workplace, freedom of religious expression and speech, and strongly held views from all perspectives has ensure much comment on social media platforms generally.

But there is no excuse or rationale for the hate filled comments published by some commenters.

And yesterday in the High Court the Judge in Burke’s case was shouted at by supporters of Burke and his position. It is not too often that you hear or read about persons shouting at a judge in a High Court civil case.

And supporters bearing placards proclaiming that ‘Freemasonry is the virus’ are not a common sighting either, but it was reported that one such supporter was in attendance yesterday.

Anyway, the videos about the case are set out below. Take some time to read the comments and see what you think.

Yes, I accept that I can delete any of these comments. But I think more can be achieved by allowing them to be published to truly understand what polarised views there are in society about this, and other topics.

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