Instructing a solicitor? Give him/her the full and complete story

If you are going to engage the services of a solicitor in a legal dispute-for example an employment matter which will be dealt with by the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC)-make sure you give your solicitor all the facts.

Good and bad. Full and complete instructions. Before the hearing. Preferably long before the hearing.

The time for your solicitor to discover the true facts of the case, the kernel of the dispute, the essence of the quarrel between employer and employee, is not during the hearing itself.

It may be too late then. Too late to react, too late to form an effective response, too late to change course.

So, if you are an employee or employer come clean with your solicitor at the outset. Look any weaknesses or infirmities in your case head on and devise a plan to address them.

But don’t sweep the meat of the dispute under the carpet and then watch it unfold during the hearing itself.

It may be too late then.

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