YouTube Livestream-doing my first one in 2022 this morning

I am doing my first YouTube Livestream in 2022 this morning. The last one was in December 2021.

I have toyed in the past with the idea of going live much more regularly-for example, once a week and trying to develop a regular show at the same time, same day, same place every week or other regular schedule.

I decided against it as I was afraid that there would be a limited or finite amount of material if I was to do a live with such frequency and I had noticed it was the same people showing up on my Livestreams asking questions.

Having said that I will have a look at the question again as there may be a format that works that does not simply involve me answering viewers legal/property/business questions. And I am beginning to believe, subject to further research, that how many people show up and how the Livestream goes on the day of recording is less important than the video you end up with afterwards.

In other words, the real value and effectiveness of the Livestream is only to be truly seen later on when the video attracts more viewers and subscribers over time. Long after the Livestream itself.

So, some more research required.

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