Perplexed by Irish support for anti-democratic narcissist, criminal, Donald Trump

I have watched closely for nearly two years now the work of the January 6 committee and the Department of Justice in the United States in attempting to bring Donald Trump to justice for some of his crimes, most especially his refusal to accept the outcome of the Presidential election race between him and Joe Biden. And his attempt to prevent the transition of power to the winner of the 2020 US Presidential election.

Anyone who believes in democracy would have to be deeply concerned with his attempts at sedition and overturning the will of the people in that election.

Anyone who has a passing respect for the Rule of Law and the need for civilised societies to have enforceable laws ought to recognise the danger of what this deranged, disturbed, narcissist was trying to do.

Yet there are individuals who still support him in large numbers.

Persons in the United States, I can understand, as a man or woman may have financial or theological or other reasons for supporting him, given the perception that his re-election may have a practical, real impact on their daily lives.

But I cannot understand an Irish person, who will not be affected by his election or failure to get elected, supporting him from a philosophical perspective. Do they have an alternative to democracy and elections and persons voting to be governed by a person or party of their choice?

Do they believe in autocracy society? Or totalitarianism? For that is the logical conclusion of support for the criminal narcissist (or the narcissistic criminal).

Do they believe that a child who refuses to accept the outcome of a game should be rewarded or tolerated?

Do they believe that a losing sports team is entitled to deny the result and ignore the referee and scoreboard?

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