Getting greater benefit from writing every day

I made a commitment back in January or February to show up here every day and write something.

I would write something no matter how short. But I would show up and write.

And I have kept to that commitment. A brief perusal of what I have written will show you the good, bad, ugly, interesting, commonplace, banal. Filler, too.

But I occasionally think about how I could extract more from this exercise of writing. Perhaps I should be attempting different writing exercise, perhaps different writing styles, or some other exercise that might allow my commitment to be of more benefit.

Some days I am writing for the sake of writing, for the sake of keeping to my promise to myself. Maybe that is good enough, maybe it’s not.

For now, however, I am determined to continue showing up every day for at least one year. I have a few months to go yet, and I will see what I do then.

I hope I will continue it, even after the one-year mark. Let’s get there first.

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