TikTok now allowing 10-minute videos

I just noticed this week that TikTok are now allowing videos of up to 10 minutes duration on their site.

I have uploaded 2 or 3 in the last couple of days just to see how they do. TikTok is definitely not a platform to ignore if you have a lot of video content to distribute, or if you make video on an ongoing basis, as I do.

And for me to simply resize many of my existing videos from landscape aspect to vertical for TikTok is an easy, quick task. It is something I will have to consider although I will be wary of taking on more social media marketing work.

You really can get bogged down in a frenzy of distributing content through the various social media platforms. And if you are like me and you enjoy making videos you will end up with a huge stock of videos that you can use on the various social media sites.

I will probably upload a few more to TikTok and see how they go. Then decide whether I want to commit to the longer video, in addition to the 1-minute videos, or not.

Let’s wait and see the feedback and response.

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