Losing clients and feeling the hurt

If playing sport has featured large in your life since you were a child, you will know the feeling I am talking about.

The feeling you get when you lose a client is similar to the gut wrenching feeling of losing a match, or whatever competitive sporting event you engaged in.

No matter how well you are doing in your small business, you need to always guard against overconfidence and hubris and delusion. You need to stay grounded.

Losing a client is difficult, and an important event.

Important not to gloss over and ignore. It’s vital to look at the situation and see how it happened, how it could have been prevented, how it might be avoided in future.

If you lose the sick feeling in your stomach when you lost a client, you are heading for trouble.

I have not lost it. I feel it intensely.

Mind you, I am speaking about losing a client through not doing my job. Not about losing a case or a WRC hearing. Because in a WRC hearing or a court case you may lose as the facts in the case are mounted against you and you simply cannot overcome them.

You could well have done your job and prepared as well as possible.

Losing a client is different, especially if the loss is justified, understandable and avoidable.

The feeling is nauseating. But I hope I never lose it.

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