The power of video in building connection and client growth

I have written previously about the power of video to help with personal brand development and lead/client generation for my solicitor’s practice.

But I am regularly reminded of how formidable that power really is. Often when I meet people for consultations or to give them advice, they say openly that they watch all my videos on YouTube, and you can see that they are genuine fans.

Not just fans but by the power of video feel a deep sense of connection with me. This connection sometimes smacks of being awe struck and fascinated by meeting me.

It borders on the embarrassing, to be honest, on occasion. But the power of video to create a true connection between the video maker and complete strangers never ceases to surprise me.

This connection appears to be greater and stronger than any connection that might arise from a person reading a blog post or coming into my orbit of influence in some other way-for example, podcast.

Anyway, I enjoy making the videos and will continue churning them out. For obvious reasons.

You can check out my YouTube channel here.

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