Client acquisition by slurping smoothies

I got a new client last week through posting photos of myself slurping smoothies on Instagram.

The client came across me on the Instagram page of a local coffee shop, Nomad.

I have been known to post photos on Instagram of the various smoothies I have tasted from the coffee shop across the road. It is just a bit of fun but they give the message that I am just an ordinary person like them and am fond of my coffee and smoothies.

The owner of Nomad, Sean, shares my photos on his Instagram stories as I mention his business when I am posting them.

And this is where this new client encountered me for the first time. When she needed a bit of legal work done she obviously had me in her mind as a result of the regular ‘touches’ with my business in her Instagram feed.

This type of business generation is an example of the benefits of engaging in social media in a way that is not overtly promotional but simply shows a human side to my business and professional practice.

Accidental client acquisition if you like.

Social media marketing can be done in many ways and can be fun.

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