The Chimp Paradox-a book that should be read again and again

I am a massive fan of the book, “The Chimp Paradox”. I have written about it before on this website.

I won’t bore you with the synopsis or the invaluable lessons to be gleaned from Professor Steve Peters’ work. You can take a look at the blog post linked above to read a brief summary.

This book is one that should be read again and again, in my view. Especially if you are inclined to get frustrated and triggered to an extent that you later regret and recognise as an overreaction.

There are many books you can reread and get something new or different at each reading. I have written a blog post recently about certain books that I have reread and enjoyed more the second time around.

But the lessons in “The Chimp Paradox” are lessons that I personally need to try to hold front and centre in my mind each and every day.

It’s not easy. I freely admit that. And I joke to my wife and kids about “letting the chimp out” or “the chimp got out today”. But I nearly always look back with regret and embarrassment.

It’s not enough to know the chimp exists in my psyche and is on a short lead with easy access, ready to bound out at the drop of a hat.

No, I really need to read that bloody book again. And again.

You can check it out here if you are interested.

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