I recently expressed an opinion on certain social media sites about the housing market, the difficulty of buying a house, and the attitude you should adopt. In my humble opinion.

It is just an opinion, and I am, like the next person, entitled to an opinion.

What I had to say divided opinion and caused significant anger and strong emotions from some individuals. This is understandable. They too are entitled to their opinion.

But some of them ‘unfollow’ me and make it public. As if this makes any difference to me or will change my opinion. Or change my view.

The ones who unfollow are the losers. Because I give away an enormous amount of useful, free content on the social media sites.

And for every follower who unfollows, I am gaining 5 to 10 new ones.

So, if you are tempted to unfollow me: fire away.

I will continue to do my thing and express an opinion. When I can’t do that, I will throw my hat at it.

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