Things that offend and outrage never cease to amaze me

You would not believe the content of some of the queries and phone calls we receive on a daily basis.

Things that move individuals to seek legal advice or want to take legal action. Trivial, inconsequential things.

Yes, you may say that these things are not trivial to the caller. But that is the point. Many of them should be. The ease with which people take offence is remarkable nowadays.

Perhaps it is an increasing awareness of an individual’s rights. Maybe it is the spreading of a populist message by certain politicians that you can have what you want, when you want it, provided you vote for them.

The use of social media like Facebook and Twitter and messaging apps like Telegram allows groups of like-minded, entitled, disaffected individuals to group together and encourage each other.

Years ago, you might have been seen as the village idiot. Now you can socialise online with village idiots from all over the world.

Anyway, the calls and queries keep coming. Which is great for me. But I am still astounded by the thought process and lack of empathy from certain individuals who want to take action to rectify the trivial setback they have suffered in work or elsewhere.

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