I never know what I am going to write

I have written a new blog post every day since I made that commitment on 31st January 2022. I promised myself that I would blog every day for 12 months.

I used to always worry about what I would write about. But since I have made that commitment I just write something every day.

Seth Godin was right. He said if you make the commitment then you know that you will write something every day. So, you do not worry about it as you know it will get written.

This is a liberating, counterintuitive idea. But it is effective. Because I know I am determined to write every day-even if it is only a short blog post-and it will get written.

So I write about what I have seen or noticed. Or something I am doing in my daily life. Or maybe a book I am reading, or a new approach to marketing my business. Or anything.

It could be anything. But I am determined to do it for 12 months, just like I promised.

I think I will learn from it and grow. And I look forward in January 2023 to looking back and see what I have gained.

And deciding whether I should keep going. Or perhaps the daily commitment to making a video every day. Let’s wait and see.

For now I need to deliver on this one.

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