Developing a practice or daily habit

Listening to the Akimbo podcast yesterday, while I cut the grass around the house, Seth Godin was speaking again about developing a practice.

He has written a book, I believe, called “The Practice”. It is about showing up every day and committing to developing a positive habit or practice in your life.

He made the point that we sleep every day and eat every day so developing a daily practice or habit should not be difficult. We already do it in several areas of our daily life.

This is a poor argument, however. Because we eat and sleep every day in response to physical needs and cues. The cue of being hungry and tired.

Developing a practice or habit-such as the one I am working on of writing on this blog every day-is not as easy or natural. But I am here to tell you that it is easily achievable.

And I am taking great pride in my commitment to this promise to myself to show up here and write every day.

Not only is my blog growing (admittedly from a low base) but I see now that I can develop a daily habit in other spheres of activity. For example, making a video every day, or an Instagram story, or something else that might be useful and enjoyable.

For now, I am happy to continue with this one of writing a blog post here every day.

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