Small business owners should avoid over dependence on 3rd parties for their online presence

Google and Yahoo recently introduced new rules and regulations which significantly affect the deliverability of emails. For someone like me with a large email list-over 10,000 subscribers-it is essential that the deliverability of my emails are not adversely affected by these new rules.

To ensure there are no problems I must upload certain authentication records to my web hosting accounts for the domain names from which I want to email.

It is technical enough and the easy thing to do is let my hosting company take care of it. But I want to do it myself because since starting out on the journey of digital marketing I have always been as independent as possible.

I have always made my own websites, named it my business to be self-reliant and not having to contact a hosting company if I wanted to make a change.

For that reason, I will continue to try to sort out this email issue myself and will only go back to the hosting company as an absolute last resort.

I would recommend other small business owners consider being as independent as possible when looking after your websites, hosting, email etc. The skills you pick up are invaluable and will serve you well over the years.

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