Practicing and gaining experience with the camera

Sometimes I will make a video just to get the practice of using the camera.

Using the camera might seem like an easy thing to do-just point and shoot-but you need to be pointing and shooting in the right direction and from different perspectives to make things interesting for the viewer.

And that choice of different angles, different shooting points is a skill in itself. But it is necessary if you want to engage and retain the interest and attention of your viewer.

Some of the time you will be showing what is happening from your perspective or point of view, other times you will need to speak directly to the camera to explain or give context or at least communicate with the viewer.

Switching from one point of view to another and picking different shot angles is not as easy as you might think, especially when something is happening in real time.

Thus, the experience you get from actually doing it regularly is bound to be of great value and why I often just make a video for the sake of making it and the practice and experience I will derive.

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