Making the effort to retain my email marketing asset

I have spent years building an email marketing subscriber base.

I have over 10,000 subscribers to various lists of mine. All of these subscribers double opted in to hear from me.

Google and Yahoo have recently tightened up their requirements for sending emails, especially through an email marketing service provides such as Aweber and others.

To continue sending emails I need to do some technical stuff to authenticate my email addresses. When I looked at the requirements first it looked like the last straw for me and I would simply not bother and let my email marketing lists die.

But that would be a crazy thing to do and I have a feeling that one day I will be glad I did not do that and took the necessary steps to retain the asset.

Because the asset of being able to communicate with over 10,000 directly to their email inbox is a significant asset.

One I may be deluged to have one day in the future.

Here are the lists I am referring to.