My YouTube poll about content for 2024

I’m running a poll at the moment on my YouTube channel. I am asking people what type of content they would like to see more of in 2024.

The poll is running around the following figures:

  • Law videos 51%
  • Vlogs 12%
  • Business 18%
  • Topical issues/political 17%

The figures have fluctuated since I first put up the poll, just yesterday. So, I will let it run for another week or fortnight and then consider the results carefully.

I will have to decide, however, as to how much weighting I place on what people want as opposed to how much weight I have for what I like doing.

That will be a tough decision.

Some of this stuff is for others. Some of it might be for me, and I don’t believe I owe anyone anything when it comes to my YouTube channel and the amount of free content I produce.