My YouTube poll for content direction Part 2

The latest figures in my YouTube poll are as follows:

Videos about law: 53%

Videos about small business: 17%

Vlogs: 10%

Commentary/topical/political: 20%

I will continue to monitor the poll results but there appears to be a clear, consistent trend to which I will have to pay close attention. Let’s wait and see for now, however.

Meanwhile, I have had comments in the past about giving my opinion on certain topics and people wanting to know what I thought about a particular issue.

I have usually, but not always, steered clear of coming down on one side or the other of an issue or legal case or development. Most people are happy with a neutral report about whatever case I am speaking about.

Perhaps opinion and commentary are a route to more growth of my YouTube channel. But it does bring with it a certain amount of unpleasant baggage.

Baggage that I can usually deal with but some days you are caught off balance or on the hop and then it gets ugly.

So, I will need to consider whether I want to go down that route.

You can read the first blog post on this topic here.