My YouTube change of strategy has paid off but I am changing again

I have had great results recently on my YouTube channel since I increased the number of videos I have published.

You will see from the graphic from my YouTube analytics that I have achieved 175% more views than usual, made more revenue from advertising, and gained 281 more subscribers that usual-that is, 671 new subscribers in the last 28 days.

I started the increased rate of upload around the Christmas break period, and it was easy to do then as I was at home and out of the office.

But I will revert now to my more usual publishing rate of 2 or 3 videos per week.

I enjoy making the videos and if I continue to try to pump out videos at a high intensity rate I fear I will fall out of love with making them and the pressure will become too much and too much like hard work.

I do not want that and, quite frankly, I do not need it. What I have published already on my YouTube channel continues to drive leads and business.

I suspect if I never made a video again I would still have enough business coming from my work to date that it would make no material difference to the growth of my solicitor’s practice.

So I will revert to an easier, but more enjoyable, publishing rate for now. And I can continue to experiment with what I need to publish and what I want to publish for me.

If you want to learn about the digital marketing strategy that has helped me build my brand and business online my book might be of interest to you.