The strength of the connection caused by video

The strength of the connection caused by video is amazing.

I understood when I started making videos that I would cause a connection between me and some of my viewers. But the strength of that connection has been genuinely surprising.

I was out the other morning on my Vespa for a spin and a cyclist on his way past where I was resting stopped and began chatting to me. And all of his questions were about my videos which he found “interesting”.

There have been many other such instances of people coming up to me in the most unusual places and telling me they love my videos, to keep it up etc. For example, on Shop Street in Galway when I was standing there sucking on an ice cream, in the airport at the baggage security belt, in the airport in the queue for a Ryanair flight.

There is no way I could have caused this connection with complete strangers with any other medium or tactic.

Anyway, if you want to learn how I have built my brand and business online my book might interest you.