Making my own journal

I am toying with the idea of making my own journal.

I have always been a fan of notebooks, journals, bullet journals and similar products and have thought about making and selling my own.

Whether to design it from scratch or buy something that is already available and have it tweaked and branded to my liking is something I have not yet decided.

I have used journals and notebooks for years and have a number (3) on the go at present.

My favourite brand of notebook is the range from Leuchturm1917, a German company. But I have Moleskines too.

I need a little bit of time to do the necessary research-for example, watch some YouTube videos from others who have made their own stationery products and claim to have made significant sales.

Perhaps the next bank holiday weekend I will set aside some time to do the necessary.

The advantage I have if I go down this route is I already have a number of audiences established-for example on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram.