Spending the day in the pub

From time to time myself and herself take the bus from Ballinadrimna to the quays in Dublin city centre and spend the day in The Oval pub.

We did it yesterday for the first time in a few months and it was as pleasurable as always.

There is something particularly illicit and decadent about walking into a pub at 11.30 am or 12 noon and ordering a pint of Guinness and a gin and tonic.

It’s healthy, too, from a mental health perspective. For we have rule about mobile phones: they are not entertained in the relationship whilst we are in the pub.

So, we are obliged to talk to one another. We were married 34 years ago, and you would think we would have all our talking done.

But that’s not the case. Life goes on and it’s good to talk and catch up.