My copycat Instagram accounts

My Instagram account has been the target of scammers in the last few months.

The scammer sets up an account with a home page that looks like mine and contacts Instagram users with offers of a second income or massive profits from cryptocurrency.

I get lots of direct messages every day from people contacting me enquiring if I have a second account, was it me etc.

It is a real nuisance, and the fear is that these individuals are having some success from what appears on the surface to be a crude scam.

I ask anyone who contacts me to report the scammer to Instagram, but Instagram are slow to take down the copycat page. I am going to have to apply for a blue tic for my account to show my account is the real one.

But Instagram and Facebook are slow to act when reports of inappropriate activity are made.

My Instagram is @tgorrysolicitor, in case you are approached.