Buying a new bicycle

I am going to buy a new bicycle.

I did a bit of research over the weekend and have decided that what I need is a road bike.

I want to switch from daily running to daily cycling. Running is hard enough on the joints, especially when you get older, and cycling seems to be the logical alternative to give good aerobic exercise without the same load on the knees and hips.

Cycling may open up other opportunities, too, including combining my interest in photography, videography with a valuable exercise which will have health benefits.

I will keep my purchase local and will head over to Coyne Cycles in Kinnegad to support the local business and know that I will have some support nearby if I have any issues or need it properly serviced/repaired in the future.

I know good bikes are not cheap nowadays, but I see the money spent as a good investment and am looking forward to it.