The engagement on this Facebook post (after only 24 hours) is remarkable

I shared a video on Facebook yesterday about Pepper Finance being granted a repossession order in respect of 3 houses from borrowers who were unable to repay all their loans.

The video has now (24 hours later) 603 likes, 102 comments, and has been shared by Facebook users 43 times.

24 hours later.

This is a successful piece of marketing by any stretch of the imagination and regardless of how you define success.

This level of engagement is simply not achievable on all the other marketing platforms.

And I include YouTube, notwithstanding the fact that YouTube is my favourite marketing platform and my number 1 priority.

Some so called marketing experts will advise you that Facebook is passé. TikTok, Instagram are where it’s at now.

Make up your own mind.

You might be interested in my strategy, set out in this book of mine.