Making off piste videos and generating clients

I wrote a blog post last week about the remarkable ability of random things to create connection.

Since then, I have had further evidence of this underrated, overlooked phenomenon. I had a consultation with an individual about the breakdown of a marriage of many decades.

The individual who came to see me for advice was evidently still in shock. We had a pleasant discussion and I advised what the options were and what could be expected in the future.

As this person was leaving, they made reference to the connection that eventually brought them to my office for advice. It was a YouTube video I had done about the Gemma O’Doherty/John Waters legal challenge to the measures introduced by the State to deal with the Covid 19 pandemic.

How random is that? Yet it created the connection and when the person eventually needed legal advice I came to mind, and a consultation was arranged.

I firmly believe that this type of connection from apparently random, unconnected things has driven a lot of business my way. 

For this reason, I will continue making videos that to the casual observer are way “off piste”.

If this blog post is of interest to you, you may be interested in my book, “The Art of Marketing Your Services Based Business Online”.