Is Ruth Coppinger right? Would the deference being shown to the Burke family be shown a trackie wearing “Anto”?

Ruth Coppinger tweeted the other day about the amount of deference being shown to Enoch Burke and his family in the High Court.

Burke was physically removed by the Gardai from the court last week, and this was the second time he had shown up unannounced and unlisted in the High Court in a matter of days.

Coppinger asks you to imagine a “working class family” or “wearing track suits in the court” person doing the same thing, causing disruption to the list and the workings of the court.

It is hard to see a tracksuit wearing young man from Blanchardstown or Darndale or Ballymun experiencing the leniency and forbearance that the Burkes are being afforded.

And what if the young man showed up with his mother who went on to tell the Judge, “God knows about your wickedness,” and that the court was “corrupt”.

Yes, I can see the argument that the Judge may wish to avoid sending Burke to jail for contempt of court again as he had previously formed the view that Burke was using it for his own purposes and for the advancement of his “cause”.

But this consideration only goes so far.

Eventually it may be outweighed by the sneaking feeling that a working class, hoodie wearing young man disrupting the High Court list twice in a matter of days would be cooling his heels in Mountjoy for contempt of court?