The most important skill in any small business or start up

One of the most important skills that any entrepreneur or small business owner can acquire is the ability to organise and manage.

I have created and run many different businesses and undertakings since my first one in 1986. 

The one common thread running through all of them, like a seam of gold running through bedrock, is the requirement to be able to organise my affairs in an efficient, effective way.

I liken it to being a puppet master pulling the strings of a fast-running show in a changing landscape. 

But the specific skills of allocating and delegating tasks, assessing the suitability of those to whom you allocated the tasks, and a system of basic checks and balances to ensure work is being done in a timely manner to a certain, acceptable standard is the skill of organisation and management which will ensure the best chance of success for any start up or small business.

And whilst this may seem self-evident or obvious or simple so many small businesses in various spheres of activity do not have this basic skill at work in their organisation on a daily basis.

In fact, they have quite the opposite: a frenzy of hanging on and just coping with an apparently frightening “to do” list and looming deadlines.