Blocking anonymous critics hiding behind fake names

I will admit it openly: I have never been a great one to take criticism.

I could be rightfully accused of being thin-skinned. I hold my hands up in that regard.

My active use of social media in the last 10 years or so to build my brand and business has led to a greater exposure to criticism, whether justified or ill-informed and unfair.

But when a guy or gal on TikTok or Instagram gives me advice about how I should be making videos or they have some critical, sarcastic comment to make about a particular video I have made I tend to react. 

Especially when I check out their profile and discover that they have a handful of followers or fans, maybe no posts at all, and are hiding behind a random number or a fake name. 

I look at my own profile and note that I have over 30,000 followers on TikTok, over 20,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 30,000 fans/followers on Facebook and it is then difficult to resist the urge to simply block the critic.

And I do that quite often, I am willing to admit. It may be the right response; it may be woefully over the top and overly sensitive.

But that is what happens more often than not, to be perfectly honest.