The remarkable ability of random things to create connection

I published a video on my YouTube channel a few days ago about writing with a fountain pen.

It is a video which I debated internally whether to publish at all or not. But I have been experimenting lately with the type of content I publish on YouTube and am looking to broaden my subject matter to some extent.

I need to be cautious, however, and do not wish to alienate my existing subscribers. But I have written about the fun I derive from making videos and making one about why I have written with a fountain pen for years falls into this category.

This fountain pen video has proven to be tremendously popular and has prompted a great deal of views, comments and likes.

Great engagement, in other words. Just what you need when you are a content marketer.

I have noticed this ability of random, unrelated, human content such as baking bread or flying (and crashing) my drone to make strong connections.

Not a lot of content makers tap into this power of serendipity and randomness, and it is a missed opportunity.