I went to mass yesterday for the first time in many years

I went to mass yesterday for the first time in many years.

I cannot remember when I last went. It could have been ten years ago, but I am unsure.

I can give a few reasons for my decision but the most important one, I think, has been my reading of Graham Greene novels, most especially the most recent one, “Brighton Rock”.

Greene converted to Catholicism and religion features quite prominently in virtually all of his books, but especially “Brighton Rock”.

Other reasons include the fact that I meet the parish priest three or four times each week as my daily run takes me past the church and the priest lives opposite the church. He always says hello.

The strife, conflict and strongly held views held by many which I have seen in the Enoch Burke/Wilson’s Hospital School dispute have been constant reminders that religion can play an immensely large role in one’s daily life.

Perhaps the fact that yesterday was my birthday, and it was “a big one”, was a subliminal factor, too. But I honestly don’t believe it featured large in my motivation.

Anyway, I am glad I went and hope to go again on a much more frequent basis.