I bought a GoPro-first video (a cycle around Broadford, Kildare)

I bought a GoPro ‘action camera’ last week and made my first video with it yesterday.

I went for a spin around my parish, Broadford, Kildare and strapped the GoPro to my helmet. You can take a look at the video here:

The camera is a stunning piece of equipment which is capable of far more than I will ever use.

But the reason I bought it is primarily because it gives me another sphere of video activity that I can use from time to time on my YouTube channel.

My YouTube channel is one of the most powerful marketing tools I have in my solicitor’s business. And anything that might give me a little edge or improvement in the growth of that channel, and the maintenance of interest from existing subscribers, is something I will take a serious look at.

I may only use the GoPro occasionally, and that will depend on the feedback I get on the first few videos. But it is a marvellous little tool that will allow me to capture great memories from holidays and other occasions, even if the use becomes restricted to private use.

That will depend on how many things, the most important of which is the question: ‘do these videos enhance or detract from my YouTube channel?’

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