A video experiment on YouTube

I am publishing what is probably the longest video I have ever published on my YouTube channel, save for Livestreams, this morning.

It is a day in the life type video made on the 19th November 2023. It shows me going for my morning run on a wet November morning and then heading to Dublin, to Harvey Normans, to try to buy a new camera.

Along the way I had to call in for petrol and the most convenient place is my old filling station in Enfield. This prompts some thoughts about what my life was like then and what it is like now.

It is a mundane, uneventful video and I am publishing it as an experiment to see how it performs.

I did see a piece on YouTube about a body builder called Sam Sulek who has grown his channel in stunning fashion on YouTube. His videos are extremely natural and unedited, and they are long.

This has been suggested as the reason for the growth. I am not entirely convinced. But I am trying one myself, just in case.

So, here it is:

A run in the rain, buying a new camera, flashback from my filling station | Vlog 19th Nov 2023