Imagine holding a 9 year old girl hostage

Imagine holding a 9-year-old girl as a hostage.

Don’t worry about why or the cause of the hostage taking or the conflict for the moment.

Think about a 9-year-old girl being held hostage.

A 9-year-old Irish-Israeli girl.

And the side that is holding her hostage has a tremendous amount of support in Ireland, if Palestinian flags on Twitter and posts on the same platform are anything to go by.

There was a lady, a representative of the government in Palestine, on the RTE Drivetime news show during last week. She was interviewed about the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

I thought it would have been a good time to ask her a simple question about the morality of holding a 9 year old Irish girl hostage.

I don’t think it happened. If it did I would like to hear the answer again.