Daily or weekly vlogging

I am interested in this idea of regular vlogging.

Daily vlogging was a big trend a few years ago on YouTube but tailed off somewhat when the High Priest of daily vlogging, Casey Neistat, stopped doing it.

Nevertheless, I came across a guy on YouTube at the weekend who is doing it and has apparently more than 500 hundred daily vlogs done without missing a day. This is a remarkable commitment and hard work.

And the most amazing thing of all is he only has around 6,000 subscribers and the viewing stats and comment/engagement on some of his videos are extremely low.

Yet he continues to do it. I find this fascinating and intend keeping an eye on his channel to see how he gets on.

I have toyed in my own mind with vlogging on a more regular basis but have always pulled back and decided against it. But one way I could dip my toe in the water is by doing a weekly vlog.

I published one yesterday and intend publishing another next Sunday and I want to test this idea of regular vlogging and see how it goes. Let’s face it: there is only one way to find out.