17,000 YouTube subscribers

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My YouTube channel reached the milestone of 17,000 subscribers yesterday evening, and I am thrilled about the growth of the channel.

It has been a long, albeit enjoyable, slog since I uploaded my first video on 17th March 2011. That first effort was embarrassing. It sounded like I was speaking through a long tube.

But they have improved along the way, and I have derived a great deal of satisfaction from doing the work to improve, learning from others, and experimenting with different types of videos.

I intend continuing for a long time yet as I enjoy making them and the channel is a tremendous asset to my solicitor’s practice. It also gives me another outlet for venting and riffing about any topic that interests or engages me.

There is a lot to be said for this latter benefit, and it is one I never would have anticipated when I uploaded the first video in 2011.

I have other ideas for the channel, too, and the great thing is I can use it as a type of testing ground for floating all sorts of ideas.

If you are a subscriber, thanks. If not, consider subscribing.

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