Cross examination in the Ryan Giggs trial

The Ryan Giggs trial continues with the commencement of the cross-examination of Giggs in the witness box yesterday.

It is reported that he broke down in the witness box when he recalled spending a night in a Police cell when he was first arrested.

One of the questions put to Giggs, although it was not really a question, was to suggest to Giggs that he was a “liar”, “cheat”, “narcissist”, “manipulator”, “controlling”, “aggressive”, and “violent”.

“No,” Giggs said to each one.

The prosecutor said: “I’m going to suggest you are each of those things, Mr Giggs, aren’t you?

“No,” Giggs responded.

Naturally, Giggs is not going to agree to any of those suggestions put by prosecuting counsel. But it was still necessary and advisable for counsel to put those ‘questions’ to him, even though it was entirely predictable what the answer would be.

Cross-examination is more about putting your client’s side of the story to the witness than getting the accused or a witness to admit to wrongdoing or your client’s version of events.

It is not looking good for Giggs; I would be surprised if he is not convicted. But let’s wait and see.

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