YouTube livestreams-worth a second look

I have done live video in the past, most recently last weekend on an impromptu, unscheduled YouTube livestream.

I have done a little research into the value of livestreams on YouTube and it appears that there are significant benefits including building a closer connection to your audience and the continued utility of the video on YouTube which continues to live long past the original livestream.

I intend looking at again and making it a more regular part of my online marketing. The livestream I did last Sunday was approximately 12 months after my last one.

So the frequency could be increased significantly.

One thing that I have found with livestreams in the past, and one of the reasons why I am in two minds about them and why I have done so few, is that a small number of individuals will ask several questions and continue asking them regardless of topic.

So you end up answering a lot of questions for a small number of active individuals on the livestream rather than a wide range of viewers.

Perhaps a look at tweaking the frequency with which a person can ask follow up questions, and you can set this before going live, is something I need to look at.