The “corrupt judiciary” comment

A common complaint and comment I see on many of my YouTube videos to do with law, and particularly the various Burke cases, is “the judiciary is corrupt”.

This comment is invariably from a supporter of the side who has failed to get the decision they wanted from the court tasked with determining the issue.

It is such a dumb, stupid comment that it is not worth commenting on. But that is precisely what I am doing, in the hope that what I have to say may persuade even one person of the inanity of the remark.

When a ref in a sports match makes a decision with which you don’t agree do you say the GAA/IRFU/FAI/FA is corrupt? Of course not, it is an absurd proposition.

Likewise, merely because a decision has gone against you in a court of law does not mean that the judiciary is corrupt.

This is such an inane, dumb comment that I am probably wasting my time writing this.

But, hey, it’s done now.

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