Ammi Burke must pay bulk of legal costs of WRC and Arthur Cox in High Court case

Ammi Burke has been ordered to pay the bulk of the legal costs for the Workplace Relations Commission and Arthur Cox solicitors arising from her failed High Court challenge to the WRC.

The judge, Justice Marguerite Bolger, made what she described as a “highly unusual” order which she felt necessary to mark the court’s disapproval of Ms Burke’s conduct in the original High Court hearing and in the costs hearing.

Both of these hearings were cut short as a result of Ms Burke’s conduct which was unacceptable to the judge.

The only costs Ms Burke has been spared appears to be the cost of hiring a stenographer and the transcript of the original hearing and the costs of the abandoned costs hearing.

The cost hearing was terminated by the Judge who felt it appropriate given Ms Burke’s conduct in that hearing and the Judge decided to determine the issue of costs by way of written submission.