How to grow my tribe

I was thinking over the weekend about building my influence and my tribe as I was listening to a podcast.

The podcast was about short, vertical videos and the strategy of using such videos, which are incredibly powerful, to build a base on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube shorts, Facebook reels and Twitter.

I have a pretty large stock of such videos in my arsenal as I have used this strategy in the past and on an ongoing basis. The great thing about one small video, which is easy to make with your smartphone, is the number of platforms to which you can share it.

So, for one small video you get incredible bang for your buck.

I have an idea to further develop this strategy and implement it for the benefit of my own business. This would be a daily law/business related video of something that is in the news and, perhaps, has been reported in the media. Others could do the initial grunt work.

But for now I am loathe to start creating more such content when I have such a large stock which I am still making my way through by way of daily distribution to the appropriate channels.

To learn more about growing your business or brand online you might be interested in my book which sets out the strategy I have used for years.